Why Vonlane?

Von: Preposition 1. from; of (used in German and Austrian personal names, originally to indicate place of origin and later to indicate nobility):

Lane: Noun 1. a longitudinally marked part of a highway wide enough to accommodate one vehicle, often set off from adjacent lanes by painted lines

Vonlane: Noun 1. A new way to travel in Texas. 2. The reinvention of bus travel into a first-class, premium cabin service that eliminates the stress and hassle associated with short-haul flights and Texas highways.

In 2000 I received my first Southwest Airlines "buddy pass". A few years later I would complete my first 1 million miles aboard American Airlines. 44 states and 19 countries later it was clear to me that my most dreaded flight was the short-hop trip within the state of Texas. Why? A few reasons:

  • A 45-minute flight would consume 3 hours of my time when I factored in parking, security, time at the gate, and getting off the plane at my destination.
  • I always felt cramped and uncomfortable in what seemed to be a cabin with less legroom and seat width.
  • Arriving at my destination, I felt disheveled and stressed. My suit coat was routinely wrinkled and creased from its trip folded up in the overhead compartment.
  • A first-class upgrade for this spoiled business traveler was not an option on a short flight between Dallas and Austin or Houston.

For a time I drove my personal vehicle when duty called for a trip within Texas. Unfortunately, I found this wasn't a better solution. While driving, I couldn't respond to text messages from my team, read email, or even relax (due to traffic). Again, I was basically wasting 3 hours of my time and adding more stress to my life.

I created Vonlane to give Texas travelers, like me, a transportation alternative similar to what Europeans and folks in the Northeast have enjoyed for years aboard first-class train cars. A bullet train in Texas is years and years away; if you look at the Acela high-speed train that runs in the Northeast as a proxy, you'll see that fares are over $180 one-way. In Vonlane I am striving to give travelers a completely new concept that reinvents motor coach transportation and provides a First-Class, stress-free experience at a reasonable price. Our fares are half the cost of flying and less than the cost of expensing your personal mileage!

After five months of operations the results are in: anyone who uses Vonlane loves it. Our customer satisfaction survey results are just amazing. Daily we get comments like, “I'll never fly to Austin again,” or “Easiest and most relaxing trip I've ever taken to Dallas.”

I'd like to personally invite you to try Vonlane. I am confident you'll never want to fly or drive yourself again.

Alex Danza
Founder and CEO

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